Pat went over the upcoming FCA Car shows:

FCA National       July 14/16 in Kingsport, Tennessee-more info on FCA Website

Northeast            August 19/20 in Warwick Rhode Island at the Crown Plaza-more info on FCA Website

Keystone             September 23/24 Bethel Pennsylvania-more info on FCA Website

North Carolina    October 14/15 Kannapolis, NC-more info on the FCA Website

Dues will resume at the Fall Meeting and will be $15 per year.

We made a $100 donation toward the 2022 FCA National Meet.  We will also be setting up a Wash Station at the National and will be supplying the items needed for that event-buckets, sponges, hoses splitters, California water blades, etc. We did receive a Thank You from the National Committee for the donation.

We will need volunteers to help with the Car Wash. The Car Wash will be open Thursday 8-5, Friday 8-5 and Saturday 8-10.

Speaking of the Nationals, Mike and Pilar have mapped out a route for the Migration to the National in Tennessee in July.

We will be meeting on Wednesday, July 13 at White Post Virginia between 10:30 and 11 AM. This is located near the intersection of Interstate 66 and 81. From there it is 300 miles to Kingsport, Tennessee for the Falcon National.

If you are interested in join the Migration, please email Mike Garrett you phone number, year of car as well as your email so he can compile a listing of all who will be joining the Migration. We know that not everyone travels at the same speed so by having the list, if you happen to need assistance, hopefully someone will be near your location to assist you. If you have any questions, please email Mike Garrett at

Pat gave a Tech Session on Battery Trays Update: most 24F batteries do not come with a side tab now. Dynacorn part # M3535A makes a battery tray that will work with some modifications.  Labeled Mustang ’64-’66 with a ’67 Mustang top. You will also need to order a hold down clamp with J hooks.

If you cannot find an updated battery tray, you can use a bungie cord to hold the battery in place temporarily.

For future reference, Ron Hutchins in Monrovia, Maryland carries Die Hard batteries as the new batteries seem to only last about 3 years.

At our last meeting, we announced that we had lost one of our longtime members, JR Freer who drove the 66 Wagon Pro Street painted like a Mattel Hot wheel car. We sent a donation to his wife, Pat and received a nice Thank You.

We found out that FCA will have a new webpage before you go to the National. It will be easier to use. You will also be able to renew your membership as well as pay dues to the National. That way members will be able to see the magazine as well as find members in other states (which would be good if you are traveling and need assistance). When the new webpage is available, we will be notified.

Finally, the Mason/Dixon Auction was spirited. Some back and forth as well as a variety of auction items.Carolyn Vanatta will be in charge of the rules for the Fall meeting.